How to Choose the Best Paint & Colour for My Home?

Which paint should I choose?

If you want to take care of your family and the environment, use a healthier paint, such as an Ultra-Low VOC. Ultra-Low VOC paints provide a range of health, comfort and environmental benefits. Painting indoors is of particular concern for your family’s health, as evidence shows that concentration of VOCs is 10x higher when paints are used indoors compared to outdoors. Click Here to view our latest blog on the benefits of Ultra-Low VOC paints.  Tartan Paints sell one of the healthiest paints available on the market in Australia today.  

Which paint sheen level should I choose?

We provide 3 sheen options: Gloss, semi and low . Glossier paints are easier to clean up. For this reason we recommend a ‘Full Gloss or Semi Gloss sheen for rooms with high traffic such as the kitchen, living room and your child’s play room. Full gloss levels will allow you to clean grease with a single sponge wipe. In the other side, Semi-gloss sheen provides less shiny surface, but also makes an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms with the ease of cleanable wall, if you prefer a more subtle level of gloss.

Which paint colour should I choose?

Look for inspiration

There are many resources you might want to refer to when looking for inspiration. Magazines are a great source of ideas and offer a lot of decorating inspiration. Perhaps you might find ideas on social media as sites such as Instagram, Pinterest or Google Images. You are bound to find a huge variety of décor ideas, so you can short list your favourite colour interest. 

Observe your environment

Have a look around the cities, observe the colours used in your favourite retail stores or even the colours of plants in the park and in nature. 

Try different types of shades

Consider a lighter or darker shade of your colour choice. If you think the colour might not suite your wall, think of what it might look like in a shade darker or lighter. Small changes in shade may  give you the perfect scheme for your home. 

How to try a new colour

Once you have narrowed your choice down, locate a sample of the colour. This might be a sample pot of paint (available at Tartan Paints), a colour swatch from your local hardware store, or at item of the same colour. Tartan Paint can match any colour, whether it’s a commercially available colour from another paint brand, or any item which is your preferred colour. We can also provide sample pots of paint to help you reach a decision. If you are unsure, feel free to contact Tartan Paints and we can talk through your options.

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